Most IT & Non-IT organizations spend a large amount of money on advertising for skilled resources.

The cost of scrutinizing the resulting responses is very high and only a few resumes meet even the basic requirements. With high overheads, time pressure and multiple tasks at hand, HR personnel has difficulty in screening all resumes leading to inadequate staffing.

We offer resume scrutiny and resume database services that help alleviate challenges.

Permanent Recruitment

We find the right people for permanent recruitment meticulously, time intensive job requiring a great deal of skill and experience. Whether you are a candidate searching for a great role or an employer seeking top talent, we have the skilled & experienced consultants who can help you reach your career/staffing goals What does this mean for hiring professionals? Quite simply, it means that you’ll be paired with an experienced recruitment specialist with a world of talent at their fingertips, saving you time and connecting you with the most precious commodity of all great people.

What's TiCKET2CAREERS differents

  • We are super strong when it comes to Hiring thru Social Media/Offline Channels.
  • We exactly know how to catch the Big Fish.
  • Our Team consists of no High Intellectuals, but the way we execute and deliver seems like we are one.
  • We have built a strong referral / networks which will enable us to spot the Right Hires in this vast ocean of talents.